Ronny Matthes

Ronny Matthes in werkschau! First Edition, 2021

The paintings of Maria Sainz Rueda evoke a peculiar strangeness that challenges our sense of reality. They reveal an interior mystery by accepting the unreal as a natural part of reality, thus creating disturbing worlds within hem. The complex interplay of colour fields, surfaces, shapes and translucency creates landscapes that hide more than they show.

In classical landscape painting, the picture is a window to the world. If one wants to stick to this metaphor, Maria Sainz Rueda´s pictures are not windows to the world but rather secret doors, magic doors, trap doors to a different reality. “The realistic depiction of landscape, then, is here only on the surface, and gives the impression that it will at any moment vanish in an explosion of the artists light but aggressive palette”. Writes Leila Topic. The paintings are the expression of an intensive exploration of reality, which are to quote Jeffrey Wechsler – “imaginative, not imaginary; implausible, not impossible”. That is what makes them so unsettlingly fascinating.

Maria Sainz Rueda does not create a new order of things but rearranges reality so that it seems strange to us. In that sense her landscapes aren´t simple representation of a natural scene but construction of space which defy the laws of nature.

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